Eco Assembly 1

 Some kids in hotter places like Africa don’t
get much clean water so by drinking the
dirty water they can get severe diseases
which can cause them to die.
 75% of our blood is made up of water.
 Water your garden with a watering can, it
uses a fraction of the water a hose pipe.
 How much water do you think a running
tap would use a minute.
6 litres a minute.
 What percentage of the earths
water is fresh.
3% of the earths water is fresh.
 What is the source of energy for the
water cycle.
The Sun
Poor Children
If we help the poor
children fewer of them
will die.
Millions of children
die each day
because of drinking
dirty water.
Aqua aid can help the poor
but they need our donations.
 When you have used the tap turn it
 Fill the dishwasher all the way up.
 Don’t take a long time in the shower.
 When you are using the bath half fill
it instead of filling it to the top.
 Our world surface is 2 thirds covered in
 We use water every single day of our lives
 Found in the Pacific Ocean,the Mariana
Trench is the deepest known point in the
worlds oceans.
 The longest river in the world is the River
 The clouds in the sky provide rain.
 The rain falls into the oceans and
 The sun shines in the sky providing
heat that will make the water
 The evaporated water rises to the
clouds and then it starts all over
Gabi H20
 Gabi H20 is a song on Nickelodeon
that you can watch at home on TV
or on the computer or here.
 This will show you how save water all
the time.
Eco Information
 I hope you have listened and
learned a lot about water because
soon there will be an eco quiz linked
to the assembly at 20p.
 We hoped you enjoyed the eco’s
 We hope you’ve took on this info
 REMEMBER there's a prize for the
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