Using Word to Create Mathematical formula

Using Word to Create Mathematical formula
Is the Editor Available?
You can only use the Microsoft Equation Editor if it has been
installed on your machine. If it has not been installed, please
make arrangements with your lab manager to install it on your
computer. (Please give them time to install it on your
machine!) You can see if has been installed by going to Insert
on the menu bar, and then Object. In the Object list there
should be a Microsoft Equation 3.0 option. If you click on that
choice, it should start the equation editor. If the option is not
there or if the editor does not start, then it is not installed on
your computer.
After you install the Equation Editor, you may want to place the
on your tool bar. To place a new icon on your tool
bar, go to Tools on the menu bar, and Customize. You will get
the Customize dialog box. On the second tab – Commands,
click on insert and scroll down. You will see the Equation Editor icon. Click on it and drag it up to one of
the tool bars on the screen.
How to make it workClick on the icon to start the Equation Editor. Most of your Word Toolbars will
disappear and a small box will appear where your curser was. To get back to your
Word Doc, click outside the box.
A very large tool bar will appear.
Most of the boxes on this toolbar
are drop downs. If the toolbar
opens in an inconvenient
location, just click and drag on the blue bar and move it out of the way!
The tool bar can be used to
create very complicated
mathematical expressions.
Here I have clicked on the
Greek character box and
clicked on pi to enter it into an
Area   r 2
If I want to create a fraction, I
choose the fraction/root button.
This is a template. You need to
insert your numerator and
denominator into the correct boxes.
To move to the next location use the
tab key or the arrow keys.
12 x 2  2 x  2
3x  1
To correct an equation after you have created it, double click on it.
There are shortcut keys for many symbols if you use such a thing. They are available inside of Help when
the Equation Editor is active. Here are a few:
Adding Spaces, Text and Alignment:
To add
To add
To line
To add
a full space: Press Ctrl+Shift+Space Bar.
a half space: Press Ctrl+Space Bar.
up your equal signs: Use the format/align Menu option.
Text to an Equation box: select Style - Text from the