Creating a Reversal Design Graph in Excel

Creating a Reversal Design Graph in Excel
Step 1: Enter the data for the Baseline 1 in the first column
Step 2: For each preceding phase, enter the data on the following column to the right of the
previous column.
Step 3: Highlight all data using your mouse. (Staggering the data will allow you to use other
Excel functions i.e. creating trend lines).
Step 4: Click on the chart wizard button
, the chart wizard box will appear. Choose
Chart Type: Line from the Standard Types tab.
Step 5: Once you have chosen your graph type hit the next button that will take you to next step
in the chart wizard. You have already highlighted your data area so continue by hitting the next
button again, which will take you to the last step in the chart wizard.
Step 6: This last step you can just click on the finish button since chart wizard automatically
chooses to insert your graph into your active sheet with your data.
Step 7: You have just inserted data, and created a reversal design line graph in excel.