Lienhard School of Nursing Information Session

Lienhard School of
Nursing Information
Welcome to the information session! Thank you for joining us.
In order to make sure that the session runs as smoothly as possible, we request
that you review and observe the recommendations below:
Mozilla Firefox is the preferred web browser for this session. Internet Explorer
is not recommended.
Please keep all other applications closed on your computer during the session to
avoid any unnecessary interruptions.
Please take a moment to go through the Audio Set-Up Wizard :
Click the audio setup wizard icon (
) on the top left of the screen to get
You will have an opportunity to ask questions throughout the session. If you
have a questions please click the “raise your hand button” (
) and you will be
called upon in order. You will be able to ask your question by either clicking the
“talk” (
) button or via the chat function. Please do not click the
“talk” button unless you are called upon.