Adverse Effect Measures


i ii iii Standard Deviation or percentile scores on group-administered nationally-normed achievement tests Grades iv Curriculum-based measures v MEASURE Standard Deviation or percentile scores on individually-administered nationally normed achievement tests Criterion referenced or group administered criterion referenced tests vi Student Work Samples, language samples, portfolios, and other individual measures

Adverse Effect Measures

EXAMPLES WJ-III Achievement tests Test of Written Language KeyMath GORT etc Stanford Achievement Test Gates Degrees of Reading Power Grades based upon Vt Standards and Grade Expectations Teacher grading systems IEP based individual grading systems Use of assessment that reflects teacher instruction to measure whether the student met the instructional objective QRI-3 Diagnostic Tests of Arithmetic Strategies Tests of Awareness of Language Segments NECAP DRA VT Writing and Math Portfolios Sample of the basic skills in comparison to grade level performance on similar samples CRITERION FOR EXAMPLE Standard scores at or below the 15 th percentile Age or Grade norms, Grade if student retained Below the 15 th percentile Stanines 1 and 2, Stanine 3 straddles the 15 th percentile Must demonstrate performance below 15 th % and significantly below grade expectations Charts, graphs, or checklist showing performance over time Classroom tests and quizzes Fluency measures, mad math minutes, running records over time and compared to peers Must demonstrate performance significantly below set standard of achievement (or Criteria for Grade Level achievement) Must demonstrate performance significantly below grade expectation in that basic skill when compared to peers

Adverse Effect Worksheet Basic Skill Area


MEASURE 2 MEASURE 3 MEASURE 4 Above 15 th %ile Below 15 th %ile MEASURE 1 Assessment: Results         MEASURE 5     MEASURE 6 3 or more measures below the 15 th %ile is evidence of an adverse effect in that basic skill