Shuai`s presentation at the BITE Symposium

BITE Scheme Report
Shuai Yuan
Department of Computer Science, UCL
Who am I
• Completing PhD student in Department of Computer Science, UCL
• Developer/Data Scientist of MediaGamma
• Joined the BITE Scheme 15th Sep 2014 – 15th Feb 2015
• Research focuses on computational advertising
• Right, that’s about the annoying ads you see on every page in your browsers
• Founded by Rael Cline (CEO) and Dr Jun Wang (CTO) in 2014
• Aims
• To build a revolutionary futures and options advertising exchange
• For both Web and Mobile display ads
• How
• Jun is also my supervisor
• Why
• This start-up extends my research ideas
My day-to-day tasks
• Designing the system through discussions
• Coding to implement the prototype
• Documenting
• Studying feasibility for many of our ideas
• Meeting potential clients from the technical perspective
My benefits
• Online advertising works in a different way than I thought! (sometimes)
• Relations are important
• People have a complicated feeling about ‘disruptive’ tech
• Revolutionary things happen every day
• Have learned many financial concepts and applied formulas and
• Started to use (essential for production)
• Agile
• Test-driven
Benefits to MediaGamma
• Codes and algorithms, turning an idea to real
• My background and experience tell what is possible and what is
difficult (there could be a few technical solutions to an idea)
Future plans
• Continue to work as a full-time employee
• More leaning towards the data analytical tasks