Electrical Diagnostic Strategies

EPTS7: Electrical Diagnostic Strategies
This one night seminar will introduce new techniques that can be applied to common electrical problems.
Become prepared to troubleshoot the complex electrical systems on today’s cars and into the future.
New tools and procedures will be demonstrated on real world failures.
This Training Includes:
This class will discuss automotive electrical and electronic components and test procedures. New techniques
and tools will be demonstrated while diagnosing numerous failed components and systems. We will identify
components, trace circuits, and locate critical test points in wiring schematics from a variety of vehicle
Throughout the class we will use tools ranging from the simple test light to the lab scope to improve your ability
to diagnose electrical problems. Diagnostic strategies will be demonstrated using case studies of real vehicle
After attending this class you will have techniques to apply to the diagnosis of any electrical system on the
Topics which will be presented:
Avoid common pitfalls when using test equipment
Case studies on actual vehicles to demonstrate the techniques and equipment
Effective electrical test procedures that can be applied tomorrow
How to quickly differentiate between wiring and component faults
How to make fewer tests that provide greater diagnostic information
How to tackle a complex wiring system and find the root cause of a problem
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