Critical Appraisal Template

Critical Appraisal Template
Diagnostic Test Article
Clinical Question:
Reference: 1st 2 authors et al, title, journal, date (including date of month), volume, page range.
Design – RCT / controlled not randomized / cohort / case series / case report / prospective vs. retrospective
Setting – type of hospital / location
Patient Population – number / inclusion criteria / exclusion criteria,
screening/enrollment methods, number screened vs number enrolled
Description of Diagnostic Test / Gold Standard
Blinding of those performing and/or undergoing the test
Analysis – statistical models
Outcomes – primary and secondary
Follow-up – duration / completeness, accounting of patients and test results
Did all patients receive the diagnostic test being evaluated and a reference standard?
Was the comparison between tests blinded?
Was the tested population representative of that for which the diagnostic test will be used in practice?
Was the decision to perform the diagnostic test influenced by the result with the reference standard?
Is the test clearly defined and reproducible?
Are LR’s available or calculable?
Randomized? Randomization list concealed?
Groups treated similarly outside of intervention test?
Do the study population characteristics describe your patient?
Sensitivity / specificity / +LR / -LR of diagnostic test being evaluated
PPV / NPV where relevant
Adverse Effects of diagnostic test or reference standard
Strengths and Weaknesses of Study (internal and external validity)
Study in context of other available literature and/or current standard-of’care
Explanation of pre-test probability assessment
How will this study affect your management of the putative patient?
Next steps for further study of this problem
Pathophysiologic considerations
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