Syllabus - Anderson School District Five

Mrs. Chidester
The Description:
Physical Science
covers basic
chemistry and
physics principles
and their
Supplies Needed For Class:
2 Composition Notebooks
(College Ruled)
Colored pencils
Dry Erase Markers
Calculator (same as math
Clear scotch tape
Composition notebooks
usually have a marble
cover but DO NOT have
a metal spiral binding
 All
students must pass a safety quiz to be able to
participate in labs. Safety goggles, long pants
and shoes must be worn to participate. Students
not following proper safety procedures will receive
a zero and removed.
The Outline:
Scientific Inquiry
Classification of Matter
Atomic Structure
Periodic Table
Chemical Bonding
Acids and Bases
Organic & Inorganic Substances
Motion and Forces
Energy Transformation
Electricity and Magnetism
Wave Characteristics
IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what you missed when you
are absent. You may e-mail or call me if you are absent.
Attendance Policy:
NO CREDIT will be given for a class if you have more than five
unexcused absences, even if you have a passing grade.
THREE TARDIES equal one absence.
Classroom Rules:
Obey all class rules.
Be in your seat, prepared
to work, when the bell
Work from bell to bell.
Behavior that prevents me
from teaching and
prevents others from
learning will not be
Respect yourself and
Personal issues will be
handled privately and
Students will not be
allowed to sit in class
without an ID.
Grades will be calculated as follows:
Daily Work/Quizzes
Major Tests
9 weeks Exams
Each 9 weeks grade counts 25% of
the final yearly grade.
The final nine weeks exam is
Any student discovered cheating will
receive a grade of zero on that
Entering: Immediately sit down.
Exiting: Wait until I tell you to pack up. NEVER LINE UP AT THE DOOR.
Pencils: Sharpen before or after class or with permission after I have
finished instructions.
Restrooms or water fountain: You may not leave unless it is an
emergency and then you must have a bathroom pass.
Trash: Do not get out of your seat to throw away trash.
Students who do not follow the rules
may expect the following:
A private warning.
A seat assignment change.
Assigned lunch detention or after
school detention with Mrs. Chidester or
Mrs. Anthony.
A phone call home to a parent.
A referral to Mrs. Anthony.
Food, drinks and gum are against
school policy in the classroom.
Cell Phones:
Turn off your phone before entering my
class and put it in your book bag. If I
see that you have a cell phone, it will
be taken to the front office unless we
are using it for class purposes.
Extra Help:
Please let me know if you need extra
help. It helps me if I know you are
coming to see me in advance.
Free science tutor:
Monday and Thursday
3:50 to 4:50pm in Room 506.
Make-up tests:
During Power Hour in Room 506
unless other arrangements are made.