Global Paradox PowerPoint

Author: John Naisbitt
Zach Allard
CS 408-02
How the growing global economy has forced large
companies to split into smaller sub-companies.
A telecommunications revolution needed to take
place before a global economy could exist.
Telecommunications include phones,
televisions, computers, consumer
The Telecommunication Revolution:
 Four ideas needed to be realized to go global:
▪ 1. Technologies would blend together.
(phones/television/computers hybrids)
▪ 2. Strategic alliances between cable, phone, and internet providing
companies. (Allows access to information fast and easily)
▪ 3. A need for a global network. (being able connect with any one
anywhere in real- time)
▪ 4. Everyone will have a telecomputer. (a device to send and receive
voice, data, image and video)
Maps out the revolution of telephones into smart
phones and the beginning of global connectivity.