Unit 2 Review

■Essential Question:
–What were the important
causes & effects of the
American Revolution?
■Warm-Up Question:
–What provisions should be
included in the Treaty of Paris
that ended the Revolutionary
War in 1783?
Preserving Independence
■After 176 years of British rule, the
American Revolution began the
construction of a new form of gov’t
■But...will the new United States be
a government of the elite or of the
■To what degree will this American
Revolution amount to a “social”
American Revolution “What Ifs”
■ For each “What If?” question,
make as many predictions as
possible about how American
history might have been different
■ Groups will receive 1 point for
each “plausible” alternate “if”
■ The winning group earns 105,
others earn 100, 95, 90, 85…
What If…
The British had lost the
French & Indian War?
What If…
The British had strictly
controlled the colonies
& never adopted
“Salutary Neglect”?
What If…
George Grenville
(author of the Sugar &
Stamp Acts)
had not been appointed
Chief Minister?
What If…
The Massachusetts colonial
assembly had not sent the
Circular Letter in
response to the
Townshend Acts ?
What If…
The British East India
Company were not in
financial ruin?
What If…
The British arrested Sam
Adams & John Hancock
in Lexington as planned?
What If…
George Washington
wasn’t appointed to head
the Continental Army
& militias fought the
British alone?
What If…
The British had won at
What If…
The Americans had
accepted the British
peace offering in 1777?
What If…
The French had
demanded Louisiana &
Canada from the British
after the American
American Revolution “What Now?”
■Rather than “what if,” each of the
following responses will require a
“what now” response:
–Make a rational prediction as to
the future of the United States
What Now…
Trade patterns & the
American economy
What Now…
The Declaration of
Independence proclaimed
“all men are created equal”