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Employee Communication Plan In Case of an Emergency
Who is responsible for notifying employees if your restaurant is closed?
How will employees be contacted in the event of an emergency- (Phone
Tree, Text Message, Email, Facebook, etc.)?
Who are the key personnel needed to keep the restaurant open with minimal
In case of severe weather or a natural disaster, who should employees call to
see if they should report to work on time?
o Is there a specific phone number employees can call and receive a
voicemail update?
 The more ways that you spread the word to employees, the more likely they are
to get the message. For example, individuals might be able access email and
social media, but phones and text messages might not go through. There are
times when the Internet is down but phones are working, other times when
phones are not working, but employees can check their email.
Make sure employees confirm that they received the message.
If you have multiple phone lines, designate one voicemail for employees to
receive important information and make this number your employee hotline.
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