Cell phones are often issued to Baldwin Wallace University employees to optimize business efficiency,
improve customer service, and provide safety/security while on required business travel.
Employees conducting official University business who are responsible for operating personal vehicles
and/or potentially hazardous equipment need to do so in a safe and prudent manner; therefore,
employees must not use cellular phones while operating such vehicles or equipment.
BW employees may be responsible for the cost of a lost or damaged cell phone. Users agree to call
Telecommunications immediately to suspend service if a BW cell phone is lost or stolen.
BW employees are responsible for supplemental charges to their BW cell phone account, such as
downloaded ringers or features not included in the monthly service plan.
All service, equipment, and billing issues should be directed to Telecommunications.
Failure to comply with the Cell Phone Policy may result in requiring the employee to surrender his/her
University-issued cell phone and/or be subject to other disciplinary actions.
Signatures below authorize the acceptance of the University’s policy with regard to cellular usage and
The signature of the approving Vice President is required.
Please indicate the type of service requested by completing the appropriate items below:
Initial Request:
Request For New Service: 
Request to Change Existing Plan: 
Type of Equipment Requested: TBD
Additional Requirements: Voice and data plan
Employee Name:
Campus Phone:
Account #: __________________________ (please complete)
For Business Calls Only: 
For Business & Personal Calls: 
Cell # Assigned: (_____) ________________________________ keeping personal cellular number:
Employee Signature: ________________________________________
Date: ______________
Vice President/Administrative Officer: _________________________________ Date: ______________