Plate Tectonics Quiz

1. Name
each of the
4 layers.
5. Why is the layout of the Earth NOT like
this any more?
6. Why do these plates move?
7. What are ‘Zones of Activity’?
8. Which plate boundary is shown here?
9. Which plate boundary created the Himalayan
10. Which plate boundary leads to Earthquakes but
no volcanoes?
11. Why does one
plate go under
the other?
12. What key
words will you
find at each of
the highlighted
13. State 5 things
that are emitted
from an erupting
14. Define these terms
in now more than 15
words each…
(a) Pyroclastic flow
(b) Lahar
(c) Volcanic Bombs
15. Describe and
explain how the
primary and secondary
impacts of a volcano
can be reduced?
16. State 8 specific
facts about Mount
Pinatubo eruption.
17. What state is Mt
Pinatubo now – dormant,
extinct or active?
18. State and explain 5
reasons why some people
live in areas of risk near
19. Draw a diagram of
the plates leading to
an Earthquake and
label the Focus and
20. State 8
specific facts
about Kobe
21. Define these terms –
(a) Liquefaction
(b) Shockwaves
(c) Tsunami
(d) Richter scale
22. Explain how you can reduce
the impacts of an earthquake?
23. Explain how you can predict an