Title Page: Volcanoes Portfolio Table of Contents


(7 Minutes) 1. Pick up your new reading packet 2.

Start a new portfolio with the following pages in order:

1. Title Page: Volcanoes Portfolio 2. Table of Contents (Page, Date, Title) 3. Content Objectives 4. COPS (2 pages) 5. Volcano Formation Vocabulary Cards 6. Land Hazards Vocabulary Cards 7. Air Hazards Vocabulary Cards

Hand back quizzes to Period 8

Tutorials • Today: Period 9, 2:30 – 3:00 • Wednesday: After School, 3:20-3:50 • Retakes • Tuesday: Period 9 • Wednesday: Period 9 and After School • Friday: Period 6, Period 9 and After School

• If it is in this color, write it down.

• If it is in this color, DON’T write it down.

• Always write down the date and topic in your notebook. So today, the top of your page should say: November 2, 2009 Volcano Locations Investigate

Turn to Page G6 in EarthComm Book




Listen to Mr. Swanson for your new Lancer Team Have 1 member of your team grab a map off the front table Work with your group. Everyone must answer the following questions in your notes:

2a,b,c,d 3a 5a,b,c,d,e,f,g (For 3a, only find ONE volcano for each time interval instead of 4)

Read Volcanoes Activity 1 from reading packet (Pages G7-11) Take 2-column notes with the following guidelines: 1. Title notes the title of the Digging Deeper 2. At least 1 left column question for each paragraph 3. Definitions for each geoword 4. CYU Questions 1-5 5. A summary paragraph