developed a presentation

Becoming a signatory to
The Local Authority Business
Waste Recycling Commitment
Name of officer presenting
Date of presentation
Purpose of this presentation
• Provide information to members and decision
makers on The Business Waste Recycling
Commitment and its benefits
• Identify the Commitment principles that this
authority will sign up to
• Seek approval to sign up to these principles
• Outline the next steps
Aims of the Commitment
• To boost recycling amongst SMEs in line with
Government strategies
– By increasing SME awareness of their
– By assisting businesses to manage resources
• To increase business customer satisfaction
and confidence in waste services we provide
About the Commitment
• Developed by Local and National Government in
conjunction with WRAP and industry representatives
• There are 12 principles to businesses including
customer satisfaction and transparency,
recycling collection services,
use of HWRCs,
information on local waste/recycling/re-use services and
key legislation
• We do not need to sign up to all principles
• We can signpost to other available services
Benefits of signing up
Prestige and good PR
Retain customers and attract new ones
Raise service standards across the sector
Reduce mis-use of household services
Improve business resource efficiency
Support re-use and the third sector
Reduce waste to landfill
Fit with our strategies
This slide could be populated with your local strategies,
for example:
1.Environmental and sustainability strategies
2.Recycling and waste avoidance to landfill strategies
3.Economic development/regeneration strategies for
supporting local businesses
4.Social development strategies which support the
development of the local third sector (through reuse)
Our proposed Commitments
• You could include in here the list of principles
that you would like to sign up to, and if you
feel appropriate, an overview of how you
meet them
Auditing and reporting
• This is a voluntary Commitment and there is
no reporting or auditing required
• We decide how we meet the principles and
which principles we sign up to
• WRAP is looking for us to voluntarily provide
them with information about good practice
that we are driving through this Commitment
• There is no charge to sign up
Support and tools
• WRAP has a support package to help us meet
the Commitment’s principles including:
Guidance documents
Case studies
Marketing materials
One-to-one fully funded support
Next steps
• We have customised a copy of the
Commitment for our authority
• The portfolio holder/ lead member for
waste/recycling must sign the document
• We should let WRAP know so they can add
details of our authority to the list of
• We will then publicise our Commitment
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