School [recycling, compost, or waste reduction] case study

School [recycling, compost, or waste reduction] case
[School district and county]
[Project title or description]
Type of project (check those that apply)
Waste Reduction
Food/Source Separated Organic
School description
(Fill out for each school participating)
School name:
Grade levels:
Number of students:
Number of staff:
Year School was built:
Communities served:
Project purpose/goals
[Provide a paragraph containing a brief description of project outlining goals, purpose, and target
Materials targeted
[List the materials that were collected or reduced because of this project]
[Provide a short description of results or notable features.]
Project team
[List the titles and responsibilities of people on your project team, including staff and outside
[List the names of community members, county or state agency, groups, organizations, businesses,
etc that you partnered with on the project.]
[In one paragraph, describe the process your project team used to reach your project goals, including
measuring current waste, modifying your waste hauling contract, buying bins and labels, etc. What
was the source of your signage? How did you tell staff and students about the new recycling or
composting system?]
Classroom connections
[Did any teachers use lessons or projects about recycling or waste in their classroom, in conjunction
with your project?]
Project timeline
[Provide start date and any other notable dates, such as a program roll-out date]
[Comment on your initial investment, where the money came from, and any money saved because of
the project]
Measurable Results
[How did your team measure results? Provide data about the increase in recycling or compost
collected, decrease in trash, or volume of waste prevented because of your project.]
Lessons Learned
[Please share any knowledge you gained with others who might be starting a similar project. What did
not work, or what would you do differently to streamline or make the process more efficient? Provide
information on the communications that created effective results.]
Further Information
[A website reference or who to contact to get more specifics on this project]
[Pictures are worth a thousand words, so if you have a couple that illustrate your project, please
include them. ]