Redfish Recycling Program

Simply Green Program
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Who is Redfish Recycling
Why Recycling with Red Fish
Benefits of a Simply Green Program
Define the Next Steps
Who is Redfish Recycling
♻ 20 years of recycling and waste management experience
♻ 7th active location for recycling and waste disposal
♻ Founded by Dean Putegnat to continue family’s long-term
commitment to the Rio Grande Valley
Why Recycle with Red Fish?
♻ 98% of people surveyed in Brownsville indicated that is
was important to recycle
♻ Protect the future by taking part in Green options
♻ Quarterly ads in the newspaper recognizing schools that
recycle in the Rio Grande Valley
♻ Increase visibility and environmental awareness with
Rudy the Redfish Recycling Can
Conserve Natural Resources
900 Tons = 1.8 Million Pounds of waste going to the Brownsville Landfill Daily
♻ Save the Environment
♻ Cut down on landfill usage
♻ Protect the Rio Grande Valley for the future generations
“Right now we probably have 25 to 30 years
left on our landfill currently the way it is,”
Rose Timmer, Healthy Communities’ Executive Director
Easy to Use
♻ Single-Stream sorting facility
♻ Easy to implement and teach
students how to use the program
♻ Turn everyday trash into
savings – both monetarily and
75% of the trash we throw away
each week is recyclable.
United Brownsville Curbside Recycling Project 2012
Visualize Your Impact
♻ We provide you with reporting of the total tons recycled
♻ Allows students to take pride in their efforts and see real results
♻ Fuel competition within the school district for most
Meet Compliance
♻ Adhere to TASA/TASB
♻ Provide a clean & safe
♻ Quarterly reporting from Red
Fish Recycling shows tons
recycled, so you can track
your progress and make
What Does It All Mean…
♻ Reduced pollution, contamination, and reliance on landfills
♻ Cost consolidation from removing recyclables from regular
♻ Boost to local manufacturing, as companies look to reduce
energy use and maximize recycled materials
♻ Protection of the environment and other diminishing natural
♻ Adhere to TASA and TASB school district mandates
Roadmap for Success:
♻ Agree to proceed with partnership
♻ Agree on time-line
♻ Complete site survey
♻ Simply Green Program begins!