Asset Manager PowerPoint

In the Hospitality Industry for Eighteen Years
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Distributor: Prologic First , Abu Dhabi
RFID Installations for Eight Years
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Evolution in Asset Tracking
It started with barcode technology,
enabling individual tracking
Then, RFID tags enabled tracking for
garments and linens
Foundation LogicSystems now offers UHF RFID tags for
tracking every asset with the ability to
read twenty feet away
Finally! Linen and Terry Can Be Tracked
 By attaching RFID tags to every piece
 Via scanning every linen to the laundry and back
 Doing so makes taking inventory easy and accurate
 And, gives a return on investment in less than one year!
Tags can survive harsh industrial laundry process
RFID tags can be washed 200 times and are reusable
Thin and flexible linen tag with a 4 -6 foot read range
The tags perform at a 99.9% accuracy rate!
Linen Tracking
RFID Tags Are Placed in a Label and Sewn on Terry ,
Linen and Garments
Asset Manager Flow Chart
Each Asset is Identified by Vendor, Item #, Description, Cost and Depreciation Method
Setting up the System
The ID #, Location, Current Value and Length of Time in Service is Identified
Asset Information
The RFID Scanning Process
Antennas send the info the reader
800 Linens
The antenna captures the RFID tag
numbers sewn on the linens
The reader converts the signal
The computer reads the data.
Up to 800 items can be read at once with 99.9 % accuracy
When Linens Arrive on Property an Immediate Inventory is Available
Report Module
Soiled Linens
All Soiled Linens are Scanned at One Time When Sent to the Laundry
Soiled Garment Drop-off Chute
Garments are Automatically Read and Dispatched to the Laundry
Hamper Reading Station
Antennas can be Placed in Doorways or Loading Docks
When Linen, Terry & Garments are Sent to Laundry – Quantities are Verified
Cleaned Linens Received at the Hotel
All Items in the Hamper are Scanned at Once and Produce
an Outstanding Report
Outstanding Report
Linen Closet Reports Provide Stocking Requirements for Every Floor
Stocking Linen Closets
Laundry Billing Reports are Produced as Items are Received at the Hotel
Laundry Billing Report
Departmental Cleaning Reports are Expensed by the Rooms and F&B Departments
Expense Reports
A Hand-held Scanner Can Take Inventory
in Minutes and in Real-Time
Hundreds of Items can be Read at Once - Counting and Labor-Intensive
Monthly Inventories are Eliminated
Inventory Module
Establish Loss Control
Antennas can be Placed at Employee Exits to Monitor Assets Leaving the Property
A Purchase Requisition can be Automatically Created Based on Required Purchases
Purchasing Module
The System Enables Creation of Purchase Orders and On-Line Approvals
Purchasing Module
Room Asset Tracking
All Hotel Assets can be Tracked
A Report Specifying the Age of Every Linen can be Created
Management Reporting
Using One Report, Management can Determine if the Linen Department
has an Optimum Inventory
Management Control