By Yuenyee Leung
Section 6
Schools use an RFID chip to track the location
of students.
RFID is basically a wireless radio and
electromagnetic identifying tag.
This picture shows a
tire with a RFID tag
and it can be read
when scan.
The link above is about a principal who
approves of tracking device for her mentally
disabled students.
She believes in exploring the environment to
a certain limit.
Safety and health are most important.
Looking at a Tracking Device on the Computer
Students are not tracked 24/7, there are usually checked if they are absent in a
class. Students should not feel they do not have any privacy because it is only
used for safety measures in school.
A federal judge in Texas stated the tracking device
does not violate student’s rights of freedom of religion.
The ruling encourage the student to transfer to a class
without a tracking device, but encourage wearing the
tracking ID.
The tracking device helps identify
students that are present in school but
not in homeroom.
Those in school but not in homeroom
can be mark present.
The increase in attendance allows public
schools to receive more funding.
Gives students more responsibility; they need
to be punctual and can not cut class.
Teachers are responsible for students in
grade school; therefore, the tracking device
eases the worries of missing students.
I’m relief that my kids
are safe in school
now time to cook.
In Northside School District of San Antonio,
students wear their id cards on a lanyard
around their neck. This allows staff to quickly
identify students.
Above is a picture of a tracking id, the tracking
chip is on back of the card. This microchip
allows information being transmitted to the
reader viewing students’ location.
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