PowerPoint Presentation - EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics

Underpinning Power Electronics
Component Integration Theme
WP 4: Design Tools and Modelling
Dr Hua Lu
Department of Mathematical Science
University of Greenwich
Email: H.Lu@gre.ac.uk
Research Interests: Computational Science, Reliability analysis
and optimization, Design tools for power electronics
Project Plans & Objectives
Design for Electro-Thermal Management
Develop a methodology for generating dynamic electro-thermal compact models that
can be used in a high fidelity thermal analysis
Develop a methodology to embed these models within a multi-objective optimisation
Design for Reliability and Robustness
Develop high fidelity finite element models for relevant component structures in this
Develop reduced order model equivalents of the above for fast analysis
Develop physics-of-failure lifetime models for failures relevant to structures developed in
this WP
Identify a methodology to include design/manufacturing variation within the reliability
Identify approach to embed the above within a multi-objective optimisation framework
such as PowerLife
Potential Outcomes & Exploitation Plans
• Methods and models for the development of
mathematical models for electric, thermal, and
mechanical analysis developed for power
electronics design
• The implementation of the above in design tools at
the component
• Use the design tools for co-design of power
electronics components and systems
Input from the PE Community
• Other UPE themes: Device, Converters and Drives
• UPE design tools and models (DTM) Cross Theme
• Other power electronics projects in the UK and
abroad. HiCo, CleanSky etc
• Power Electronics industry
• Power electronics centres and organizations such