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Class 18
Security in Cloud Computing
CIS 755: Advanced Computer Security
Spring 2014
Eugene Vasserman
Administrative stuff
• No office hours tomorrow
• End of semester is coming up –
remember your projects!
• You will present your results to the class
– 10 to 12 minutes
• Attend tomorrow’s talk (if you can):
– “Privacy in the Age of Pervasive Cameras”
– at 12:30 in N126
“Secure” cloud computing
• Hey, you, get off of my cloud: Exploring
information leakage in third-party
compute clouds (2009)
• HomeAlone: Co-Residency Detection in
the Cloud via Side-Channel Analysis (2011)
• Cross-VM Side Channels and Their Use to
Extract Private Keys (2012)
Attack vectors
• Side channels, of course! :)
• Statistics FTW
– Latency
– Power, RF
– Cache
• Other vectors?
• Other adversary models?
• Don’t use cloud computing :)
• Run on “bare iron” when you use clouds
• Run the same attack to verify that no one
is “co-resident”
• Data-only, i.e. remote disk but not CPU…?
Reading discussion