I am a tornado

I am a tornado
By: Lexi Aperule
How I Look
I am big and look like a cone. When you look at
me, I look dust spinning around and around. I
am strong and a dark gray color.
What Causes Me
I begin to form when warm air travels upward into a
thunderhead, that creates an area of low pressure. The low air
pressure pulls air inward and also upward. When an area of low
air pressure is surrounded by higher air pressure is called a low
pressure closure. When air flows into the low pressure closure, it
rotates in a circle faster and faster. From the ground the odd
shape of the cloud looks like a funnel. Warm air rises up to the
center of the cloud. Rain falls outside of the cloud and when the
tip of the funnel touches the ground I have been created. (The
next slide will have a picture.)
My effects On Earth
I can damage millions of homes. I can also
damage cars. I ruin a lot of people’s lives. I don’t
mean to do this to you, but I can’t help it.
Where I Occur
I occur in 6 states. They are Iowa, Nebraska,
Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado. I also go
to part of Minnesota and South Dakota. That is
called Tornado Ally.
Fun Facts
When I rotate I look like a funnel-shaped cloud
that has blowing winds up to 480 kilometers per
hour. People commonly call me twisters. When I
come, the best place to go is an underground
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