Earth Science January 22, 2014 17.3 RCQ Pg 488 List 3 factors that

Earth Science
January 22, 2014
17.3 RCQ
Pg 488 List 3 factors that influence temperature
a. Water (lakes, rivers, ponds, fountains, creeks)
b. Cloud cover
c. Altitude
d. Geographic position
e. Ocean currents
f. Heating of land
Assessment Pg 493
1. What is temperature control?
A factor that causes temperature to vary from place to
place and time to time
2. How does the heating of land and water differ?
Land heats and cools more rapidly and to greater
temperature extremes that water does.
3. Why do many clouds reflect a significant amount of
sunlight back to space?
Clouds have a high albedo which reflects the sunlight
back to space
4. Why do some coastal cities experience a moderation of
temperature from water, while others do not?
Most coastal cities have cloud cover or fog to control
the temperature of the cities. Inland cities do not have
constant cloud cover which provides varied
5. List 4 specific controls of atmospheric temperature.
a. Water
b. cloud cover
c. altitude
d. geographic position
Warm-Up #5
1. Name the mechanism of energy transfers.
2. What is the greenhouse effect?
Warm-Up #6
1. What effect do clouds have on incoming solar
2. Mountains can affect temperature by acting as a