Cloud Computing - Lutheran Services in America

Cloud Computing
LFMA Conference - 2014
Review of Cloud Computing
• Scalable architecture that can respond to
sudden changes in usage or scope
• Private - Internal vs External
• Public
• Hybrid
• Hosted applications – are they “Cloud”?
Alphabet Soup
• IaaS – Infrastructure As A Service
• Provide the “hardware”, I do the rest
• PaaS – Platform As A Service
• Add system software, I support my own apps
• SaaS – Software As A Service
• Vendor supports everything
Alphabet Soup
SAAS Status & Trends
• Functionality continues to improve
More solutions are offered in a cloud-only
• Integration with external applications still leaves
much to be desired
Not easy to share or export data
• User account integration with on-premise systems
is improving, but not there yet
3rd party solutions are becoming more common
Cost of the Cloud
• May or not be cost effective
• This becomes more “cloudy” for non profits that
receive discounted pricing on software
• Staffing
• Virtualization also complicates cost analysis
• Possible benefits from a BCDR perspective
Cloud Apps at LSSMN
CAIRS – Adoption
Relias – Training / Learning Management
Kronos Onboarding - HR
Company Mileage
Office 365 (Free to qualified non profits)
Disaster Recovery in Azure