That*s Ironic * Irony in The Crucible

 CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.11-
12.6 Analyze a case in
which grasping a point
of view requires
distinguishing what is
directly stated in a
text from what is
Your favorite store
advertises that it has
been renovated to make
shopping easier . When
you stop in, you find
that it is like a
labyrinth . The aisles
You wake up in the
morning with the
conviction that this
is going to be a
wonderful day . When
you step out of the
A mother tells her
son to clean up the
mess in his room .
When she checks it
later , she finds the
floor covered with
As a graduating
senior, Stella was
voted “most likely
to succeed.” Two
months after
graduation, she is
A boss orders his
employees not to eat
or drink at their
desks. When his
secretary goes into
his office to
In the end, proctor’s
attempts to take
charge fail, and he
is the victim of
lies and inflexible
The entire process
Is based on the talk
of children – all
lies – aNd the
adults that believe
Their community is
torn apart by
conflicts between
and among neighbors
In dying, Giles Corey
says only two words,
“More weight.” he is
serious and
Proctor forgets the
commandment against
the sin that weighs
so heavily on his
Elizabeth does lie.
A further ironic
element is that her
efforts to protect
john actually
The court believes
the children to be
innocent and
truthful when they
are actresses and
If danforth knows
parris to be
brainless, why has
he given parris so
much credibility and
In fact, Elizabeth’s
heart is breaking.
She acts as she does
out of love, not
By the court rules
danforth has upheld,
the accused had to
lie to save