The Crucible Questions - Your original answers will be in complete

The Crucible Questions - Your original answers will be in complete sentences, and should be very
thorough. Give as much information and detail as you can. Write your answers neatly or type them.
1. Tell all you have learned about Abigail Williams. What role does Abigail play for the girls involved in
this trouble? How does she treat them? What is her goal? (pages 8-12, 18-24, 42-44 and 48)
2. Describe John Proctor, but not only his appearance. Also describe his character, intelligence, attitude,
and how the other characters react to him. (page 20 on…)
3. Rebecca Nurse says and does little in Act One, but she stands out as a bit different than the others.
What role does she play here, and what message does she try to give the others? (p. 25-31, 37-40)
4. When Abigail and Betty begin listing names of those they supposedly saw with the devil, what do you
suppose is their reasoning for calling certain names rather than others?
5. Describe Reverend Hale. Describe his appearance, character, attitude, intelligence, etc. (p. 32 on…)
6. Tell about Mr. & Mrs. Putnam. Describe them & tell their story. (page 12 on…)
1. In the first part of Act Two, we witness a conversation between John and Elizabeth Proctor. Given
what you know about their troubles, try to give an account of what each must feel about the situation
and about each other. (p. 49 on…)
2. After the Proctors discover from Mary Warren that Elizabeth has been accused of witchcraft, they
quickly see what is going on. What is going on, and how will John try to fix the situation? (pages 60 - 62)
3. Hale enters the Proctor home in Act Two and questions the Proctors. What does he ask, and what do
these questions imply? (beginning on page 63 and on...)
4. Elizabeth is arrested and taken away in chains at the end of Act Two. At this time, we see an open
view of Elizabeth and John’s marriage. What do we see? (p. 76-81)
5. Tell the true story behind the poppet. (p. 56, p. 73-77)
1. As Act Three begins, we start to see how Danforth is controlling the trials. Describe Danforth and his
2. Giles Corey and Francis Nurse enter the scene. Why? What do they do and say, and what are they
trying to accomplish? Also, how are they received?
3. Describe Mary Warren. What changes has she gone through in the play thus far?
1. By Act Four, Hale seems to have come to his senses. How has he changed, and what is he doing now?
2. How has Parris changed? Why?
3. Fully explain and analyze John Proctor’s struggles in Act Four.