The Crucible- Act 4 Quotations

The Crucible- Act 4 Quotations
Directions: Listen for each quotation as you watch the film. What is the subtext
(meaning behind the words)? Then, explain how each quotation connects to one
of the eight themes we have been studying.
1. Judge Danforth: “I shall not rest until every inch of this province belongs again to God.”
2. Parris: "She’s run off with thirty-one pounds. I am penniless…Let us postpone these
hangings for a time.”
3. Rev. Hale: “We must help John give them the lie they demand…Life is God’s most
precious gift…It may be that God damns a liar less than he that throws away his life from
4. Proctor: "Spite only keeps me silent. It is hard to give a lie to dogs," (Miller 136).
5. Rebecca Nurse: “It is a lie. How may I damn myself?”
6. Proctor: "I blacken all of them when I nail this to the church and they have hanged for
7. Elizabeth: "[Proctor] have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!” (Miller 145).