Close Reading Questions The Crucible Act 4

Close Reading Questions
The Crucible Act 4
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1. What time of day does Act 4 open?
2. Whose presence in the jail makes Danforth upset? What is this person doing? Why?
3. Hathorne says Parris looks mad these days. What does he mean?
4. Cheever says that cows are roaming feely in the streets along with wandering children and
arguing people. Why is this happening?
5. Who does Parris say robbed him and then vanished from town?
6. What is going on in Andover, and how does it relate to Salem?
7. What object did Parris see as an intentional threat to his life? Why did it happen?
8. What is Parris’ suggestion regarding the hangings? How does Danforth respond? Why?
9. What is Hale’s motivation for visiting the prisoners?
10. Who has been arrested and detained in the dungeon?
11. Rev. Hale offers four signs that the town is being ruined. What are they? What do they
12. What does the court want Elizabeth Proctor to do?
13. Who is to hang when the sun rises?
14. How did Giles Corey die? What were his dying words?
15. What does John want Elizabeth to do regarding his decision to confess?
16. How does Elizabeth respond to this request? Why?
17. How does Elizabeth feel about herself?
18. Explain Elizabeth’s statement, “It were a cold house I kept!”
19. What does Proctor admit to?
20. Why would Proctor admit but not sign a confession of his guilt?
21. How does Proctor think Danforth is using him?
22. What happens to Proctor’s confession? What is his reasoning for do so?
23. Who is Proctor’s main struggle with? Why?
24. What 3 things is Rev. Parris worried about?
25. What does Elizabeth mean when she says, “He has his goodness now?”