If you are unable to attend Socratic Seminar, you will complete a writing assignment instead. This writing assignment
will also count as a test grade. The writing assignment must be double-spaced, typed, Times New Roman font size 12,
with one inch margins all around. Choose one question from EACH ACT for a total of FOUR (4) questions from the list
below. Each response should be a minimum of one paragraph in length (8-11 sentences). You must also write one
paragraph each for both the opening and closing questions listed below. When finished, you should have a total of 8
What role does personal reputation play in mass hysteria in The Crucible?
CLOSING QUESTION: Is the law always right? Does a government always have the best interests of its people at heart?
Act I
1. What is Reverend Parris’s personal crisis? How and why does it develop from a personal to a social crisis?
2. What is John Proctor’s opinion of Parris’s authority?
3. What is your impression of the community of Salem from this first act?
4. How is the coolness between John Proctor, Putnam and Mr. Parris shown in the way they address each other?
How does it differ from the way that Giles Corey, Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor address each other? What
does this indicate about the underlying feelings in the community?
Act II
5. How does the relationship between John and Elizabeth reflect the conflict within their community?
6. How is the inner conflict of John Proctor developed in this scene? Consider his conversation with both Elizabeth
and Hale.
7. Miller establishes a tone of accusation and guilt in the personal relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor
which tends to parallel the events happening in the community. What are some examples of that reflect
Elizabeth’s accusatory tone and John’s underlying guilt?
8. Why does Elizabeth lie? What is ironic about this?
9. What quotes can you find that show Hale beginning to doubt the methods used by the court to learn the truth?
How does this differ from how he felt as the “young doctor” when he first arrived in Salem?
10. How is Danforth’s authority immediately established? What might Miller be saying about authority in the way
he depicts Danforth, and in the lines Danforth speaks?
Act IV
11. What changes have occurred in the characters of Hale and Parris? What kind of authority or standing in the
community does each man have at this point in the drama? Why is this significant? How would these (or do
these) changes affect an audience (you)?
12. Elizabeth says, “It needs a cold wife to prompt lechery.” How has she changed?
13. Throughout the play, Miller has juxtaposed John Proctor’s personal conflict to the wider social conflict. How
does the scene with the Proctors alone on stage serve Miller’s purpose?