The Crucible character quiz

The Crucible
Character Quiz
Using the word bank below, identify the characters being described in questions
one through ten.
a) John Proctor
b) Abigail Williams
c) Reverend Parris
d) Rebecca Nurse
e) Elizabeth Proctor
f) Reverend Hale
g) Mary Warren
h) Tituba
I) Giles Corey
j) Judge Danforth
k) Thomas Putnam
1) _____ Parris’ neice; her love for an older man starts the hysteria in Salem
2) _____ Greedy landowner who seeks vengeance; dislikes Parris
3) _____ Cannot forgive his own sin; rational in thought
4) _____ Strong, plain woman who usually tells the truth
5) _____ Naïve, gullible girl; turns against John Proctor
6) _____ Kind, religious woman with a gift for healing
7) _____ Native of Barbados; first “witch” to confess
8) _____ Minister who cares primarily for himself
9) _____ Serious, sophisticated minister who refuses to change; has little mercy
10) _____ Comical old man who has knowledge of the law; is pressed to death