Algebra II Syllabus and Classroom Guidelines 2005-2006

2015-2016 Algebra I Guidelines and Procedures
Mr. Gary Belcher
Math Instructor and Head Boys Basketball Coach
Email: [email protected]
School Phone: 816-671-4030
Tutoring Available: Every morning before school (7:05-7:35 AM)
Everyday Supplies:
Pencils for all written work including daily assignments, quizzes and tests.
Folder with pockets or binder to keep all assignments, notes, quizzes and grade sheet inside.
Paper can be either loose leaf or spiral (your choice).
1 Package of at least 20 pencils (Replaces your lowest 1st Quarter Quiz score with a 100%).
Scientific Calculator. Texas Instrument (TI30X: $10.00-$15.00). WE USE THIS EVERY DAY!
Textbook: Algebra I (McGraw-Hill) (Available online or hard copy to be checked out as needed).
Classroom Rules:
Be in your seat when the bell rings with all your necessary supplies, prepared to start class.
No use of electronic devices unless instructed: Includes music devices, cell phones, & computers.
Respect everyone in this classroom and always ask for permission to speak in class.
Please follow all school and district policies, as they will be enforced.
When absent, make sure all missed work is made up in the allotted time to receive full credit.
How Grades Are Determined:
Daily Assignments: Assigned and checked every class period. They are 20% of your overall grade.
Quizzes: Given regularly and almost every class period. They count as 40% of your overall grade.
Tests: At the end &/or middle of each unit/grading period. They count 40% of your overall grade.
Grade Sheet: You keep track of your grade throughout the quarter. This counts as a quiz grade.
Folder / Notebook: All papers will be kept here for the entire quarter. This counts as a quiz grade.
Late Work: Will be accepted until the last day of the grading period for a maximum of 60% credit.
Benchmark Tests: Given quarterly over material covered that quarter and counts as a test grade.
Parental / Guardian Communication
The instructor will contact the parents and guardians by phone or email whenever the need arises.
Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact the instructor with any questions or concerns.
Student Name (Printed):
I / we have read and fully understand the Algebra I classroom guidelines and procedures.
It is our (student, parents and guardians) responsibility to abide by these guidelines and procedures.
Student Signature:
Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Signature:
Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Email:
Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Phone:
***Please return this bottom portion signed & completed to our next class period. This will be your 1st daily score.***