By. Kieran Murphy
Alex Liebowitz
Matt Turner
Jon Mancuso
 Class Manager
 Quiz Manager
 Reports Manager
Class Manager
 View & Edit Quizzes
 Register Students
 You can register them or they can register themselves.
All they have to do is create a username and password
and you give them the name and password for the class.
 Password Protected
 Post Class Notices
 Example: If quiz is to be moved to another date, the
notice will pop up on top of class page.
Quiz Manager
 Creates Quizzes
 Duplicate
 Share with other teachers
 Edit quizzes for other classes
Reports Managers
 View Quiz reports
 View Archived Quiz Reports
 Reports from previous/other classes
Benefits for
 Students can check their grades online and check what
they got wrong on the quiz online as well.
 Parents can log onto their student’s account (if they
have the log-in information to do so) and check on
their child.
 Teachers can see results within seconds of completion.
 Teachers can also edit/share quizzes between other