Similar to the Winnipeg General Strike, there
have been several examples in history where
people have disagreed with the government
or authority figures. Read the following
examples and describe how you would
respond to each… Strike? Protest? Write
letters? Guillotine?
1. Kathleen Wynn (Ontario’s premier) has
decided school will run all year- no summer
vacation for you suckas- what ya gonna do?
2. The federal government has increased the
GST to 25% on all goods
• Your boss gives all his/her teenage employees
a 25% pay cut
4. The student council imposes a $500 fee to
play on a school team or participate in a
school club
5. The principal has decided to impose a new
dress code, making uniforms mandatory
6. The Canadian government has increased gas
prices 300%, your $50 tank, now costs $150
7. The municipal government begins to charge
$15 for every bag of garbage collected and the
dump is not an option because it is full