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Article Format Guidelines (1)

Article Format Guidelines:
Capitalize Key Club
Use a Creative article “Not Monthly article, or July article’
Use Paragraphs
400+ words (excluding headline, prompt, title, and caption)
One column, Single spaced
Article should be written in Times New Roman, Size 11
Include a picture in the top right portion of your article (wrap text)
Underneath the picture, include a descriptive caption ( who is in the
picture, where it was taken, what the volunteers are doing – use
“active pictures” not posed)
 In the heading (top left corner, no spacing) include your Name,
Cypress Woods High School, and Division 3N
 Below ,include your title, centered and bolded, and your prompt
(separate lines)
 Save your Article as Title- Cywoods
Other Information:
 All articles are due at midnight on the deadline
 Whoever writes the best article will NOT have to write one the
following month
 When Newsletters are posted, respond to the Gmail for riddle of
the month for a chance to get one hour!
 Send in lots of pictures to the gmail!
 Write a Human of Texas-Oklahoma- Talk about your experience ,
and how key club has impacted you!
 Articles sent in late will be ½ a strike, Articles without pictures are
½ a strike, each article is worth 1 strike not submitted is worth 1
If you have any questions please contact me at 281-2500634, or email us at [email protected]!