Guidelines for Student Council Officer Elections

Guidelines for Student Council Officer Elections
(Please note the Oct. 27th and Nov. 3rd due dates in italics below)
Thank you for putting your name forward to be considered for office! You are taking a risk by making yourself
vulnerable, trying something new, and being open to share ideas and learn from others. Just entering this process
shows some of your leadership strengths!
Elections will be held on Tuesday, November 4th. All students in K-5 will vote by secret ballot.
The election campaign begins on Tuesday, October 28th.
3) For the campaign, each candidate will create one poster on regular 22x28 poster board.
4) Make sure your name and the office for which you are running are on your poster. You may use images, slogans,
etc. to help your poster stand out.
5) All posters are due to the student council advisors by Monday, October 27th and will be hung in a central location
by the advisors.
6) There will be no distribution of flyers, buttons, food, freebies, or other hand-outs as part of the campaign.
7) The campaign will only be discussed during class times at the direction of the teacher.
8) We ask that candidates in this election speak for themselves; while conversation and questions are certainly
encouraged, please no "spokespersons" for our candidate during and outside of school hours, whether other
students, parents, teachers, etc. We are encouraging a student-focused election experience.
9) Each candidate running for office will give a brief campaign speech on Election Day, November 4th at 9 am in All
Saints Hall. All classes will be present. Parents and other visitors are warmly invited to come and hear the
speeches. We do ask that visitors stay out of the balloting area and refrain from engaging the students
concerning the campaign/election while voting is in progress. Final speech drafts are due to the student council
advisors by Monday, November 3rd.
10) The focus of this election is to share ideas and grow from taking the risk of standing up for a leadership position - thank you to all candidates for your willingness to engage this process joyfully and with respect!
Here are some guidelines to help you create a speech:
Briefly welcome your student voters
Give a short introduction... name and class
Provide the main goal you are standing for (what is your main hope for us at St. John’s?)
Name the position you are running for
Create a short (one line) message explaining why you have selected to run for this position
Briefly tell the audience where you see the “St. John’s Fire” (our passion, light, energy)
Tell your audience a need you see at our school
Give them a possible brief solution
Create a slogan to help people remember you
Please remember:
Keep it brief
Be positive
● Have fun!
Don’t speak about opponents
Use a normal speaking voice
Be mindful of not using “bribes”
Don’t make promises you cannot keep