Dress in Red 2014

The nurses of Dóri House (the first child hospice
house in Hungary) experience the power of caring
and altruistic assistance day by day, partly that is the
reason why they need your support.
Who can join and how can we help?
Anyone who would like to express his sympathy for ill children by wearing a red
cloth or accessory and who would support Dóri House (Pécs) by making a 200
HUF donation.
What do we help?
The Light of My Eyes Foundation will spend the money coming from the
campaign on the maintenance of Dóri House. Your donations, regardless of the
amount, mean an indescribable support for the residents of Dóri House.
We, together!
We are placing a red money box into the lobby and we will also dress in red.☺
You are welcome to have a photo with us at 3 pm in the lobby.
Dress in red and express your love.