Open House

Welcome to
Who is Ms. Gil?
9th year teaching
Bachelors in Education EC-6th at the
University of Texas At El Paso and
Masters in Reading from UTEP
Single with 4 Children Angelica, Alyssa,
Ashley, and Christopher! Grandmother
too Leilani, and Rodrigo (my pride and
Enjoy spending time with my family,
love UTEP Miners and Dallas
• Class starts at 7:30am and ends at 2:30pm
• Any student that arrives after 7:45am will need to report
to the front office to get a tardy slip to enter class
• Absence letters need to be provided for absence to be
Drop-off and Pick-up
Students will need to be dropped-off no later than 7:45 am in
the cafeteria door entrance.
Any student that is not picked up by 2:30pm will need to be
picked up in the front office and you will be required to sign
out your child.
Students whose parents are not at bus stop will be returned
to school and parents must come to school to pick up
Dress Code
Students are to dress in SCHOOL UNIFORM EVERY
• White or orange top
• Khaki or blue bottom
Free Dress
If your child had excellent behavior all week along with no
tardies, and has not been absent for the week she/ he will
have free dress on Monday of the following week.
Class Schedule
Breakfast in the Cafeteria
Guided Reading
Writer’s Workshop
P.E/ Health
Guided Math
Social Studies/Health
Classroom Rules
1. Listen when your teacher is talking.
2. Follow directions quickly.
3. Respect others, respect yourself, and
respect the school.
4. Raise your hand to speak or stand.
5. Be safe, be kind, be honest.
Grading Policy
4- Commended performance
3-Met standard
2-Approaching grade level
1-Did not meet standards
Behavior Plan
The behavior chart is made up of seven colors and
looks like this:
Red- Outstanding
Orange- Excellent
Green- Ready to Learn
Blue- Think About It
Purple- Teacher’s Choice
Pink- Parent Contact
Any rock throwing/ fence climbing will result in administrative
Behavioral Plan Cont.
Students will start the day on green and will have the opportunity to move up and down
on the behavior chart throughout the day. This gives the students a chance to work on
correcting their behavior.
Blue/Think about It:
If your child lands on blue, they are still doing well. It means they had a little trouble
but they are working on fixing it.
Purple/Teacher’s Choice:
If your child continues to have trouble after we spoke about what they did wrong and
I’ve shown them what the proper way should look like is, they will move their name to
purple. Consequences will be determined by the rule broken. For example, if your child
plays around instead of finishing their class work, I will take 5 minutes from recess. If
they throw or ruin supplies at a center, then their center time will be cut short or they
might not get to use those materials for that day and so on.
Behavioral Plan Cont.
Pink/Parent contact and, or office visit
This is for severe rule violations: Bullying, injury to a student, threat of injury—pencil or rock throwing etc… and
continued or repeated misbehavior. I will call or write you note about the situation.
Students will move their name up on the behavior chart.
Stickers or stamps
Positive notes home
Award certificates
Free choice of centers on Fun Friday
Free dress days on Mondays
I will be stamping the student’s agendas everyday if they stay on green or above. If they are on blue or purple I
will mark it with the appropriate color. For pink violations I will be writing you a note or calling home.
Parents please keep in mind that some days will be good or even great, but some days will be hard for them.
They are just getting used to school, rules, expectations and work, but with time and effort I know we can make
this year a success!
• Homework will be Monday -Thursday
• Please help your child with the homework
and home learning projects
• Homework will reinforce what students have
learned in class
• Homework will be due every Friday
Parent Involvement
• Fill out and sign Volunteer Form
• Volunteer at school/ classroom
• Help your child with homework
• Expose your child to new vocabulary
• Read to your child every night
Monthly newsletter
SISD website
Kinder Expectations
I will provide activities which provide opportunities for your
child to:
Learn school discipline
Acquire social skills
Develop self control and high self-esteem
Learn to take care of oneself
Be responsible
Acquire reading, math, and writing skills
Contact Information
• Parents will need to sign in and meet
teacher in the front office.
• Please contact us in advance to set up a
• Conference is from 2:30pm-3:15pm
• Contact me at 937-7100