Mini-lesson Demonstration


Mini-lesson Demonstration

AGSC 402

What you will do:

 Teach a simple agricultural related skill to at least one peer.

 Include all four parts of the lesson (Preparation,

Presentation, Application, and Evaluation)

 Take 10-13 minutes.

 Turn in a typed copy of your lesson plan to your instructor

before you present.

 Technology will be provided if you need a computer/projector. We will start at PROMPTLY 10:00 a.m.

What is an agricultural related skill for this demonstration?

Teach a SKILL, something that another person can be taught to DO

 Examples

 Pot a plant

 Take a cutting

 Simulate a castration

 Tie a slip knot

 Paint a board

 Glue PVC pipe

 Wire and tape a flower

 Others???

Be sure to include….

Preparation—Get the student(s) interested in the topic, find out what they know by asking questions, explain why this is important to know, Give an overview of what you will be teaching (link, motivation, overview)

Presentation—Teach the skill by demonstrating, showing, explaining. Stress key points and emphasize safety

Application—At least one student will perform the skill. Guide and help as necessary.

Evaluation—Ask questions to review the steps and evaluate learning. If appropriate, have student complete the skill without assistance. Summarize the importance of the lesson

The Lesson Plan

 Have your lesson plan ready, make two copies if you need one so that your instructor will have one while you are teaching

 The lesson plan should reflect the lesson

 Include all the required elements on the lesson plan evaluation rubric (other than the emoments)

 Does it look like the Good Example?

How should you dress?

 Professional dress is worth 10 points

 Dress like a professional teacher—no blue jeans, low cut shirts, high skirts, or other dress that would be inappropriate for a teacher

 A nice shirt with dress pants or slacks is fine.

 If you do not have something nice to wear other than blue jeans, now is the time to start building a teacher wardrobe

 If someone came to the door, would you be recognized as the teacher based on your dress?

 Know your school dress code and be sure to follow it

Other Important Information

 Please refer to the schedule on the “ students ” page to determine the date you present and which room you are in.

 The day you do not present, you will attend the same room where you are scheduled to present.

 Please also refer to the grading rubric

 Let us know if you have questions or need help in any way!