Dress Up Oral Book Report - Malcolm C. Hursey Elementary School

Dress Up Oral Book Report
On Friday, October 30, 2015, we will be presenting oral book reports. Each student is
expected to follow the guidelines listed below. Please contact me if you have any questions.
Students may choose any fiction book to complete this report.
1. The following need to be included in the oral book report. Notes and additional
information may be recorded on 3x5 cards. A written report is NOT required!
*title and author
*what the book is about:
*problem *characters
*describe the main character and why you chose to dress like that character
2. Students will wear their costumes to school. We will be presenting their book reports first
thing in the morning. They will need to bring a change of clothes to change into after, if
their costume is not of appropriate dress code.
3. Props such as toy knives, swords, or guns are not allowed.
4. Have your child practice the oral presentation.
5. The report is due on Friday, October 30th .
*Dress Up Oral Book Report Rubric*
Yes/No GREAT introduction to book
Yes/No Title and author
Yes/No Summarized book
Yes/No Explained main character & why you chose to be them
Yes/No Explained characters, setting, problem, and ending
Yes/No Spoke clearly and used appropriate volume
Yes/No Dressed as character/ Props for Character
------------------------------------------------Please cut off and Return tomorrow.
I read and understand the requirements of the Dress Up Oral Book Report. I understand this is a
literacy activity, NOT a Halloween. I will not send my child dressed in his/her Halloween costume. I
am aware the due date is Friday, October 30th .
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