Chew on This Chapter 1- The Pioneers

Chew on This
Chapter 1- The Pioneers
Ms. Schiff
English 9
December 1, 2014
Hamburger Charlie
• Charlie Nagree
• October 1885- Seymour, Wisconsin
• Outagamie County’s first annual fair.
“Hamburgers, hamburgers, hamburgers hot!
Onions in the middle, pickle on top.
Makes your lips go flippity flop.”
Open to Page 16
• Which of the Big Four Persuasive techniques is being used in this
picture? How do you know?
Class Poll- Edmodo
Italian food
Chinese food
Indian food
Thai food
Killer Burgers
• 1925- New York study asked 180,000 people to vote on their favorite
• Only 2,912 people voted for Hamburgers
• Ranked 19th
• Cow Tongue and Spinach received 8,400 votes
Walt Anderson
• Former janitor and short order cook
• Grilled burgers in front of costumer’s
• Founder of White Castle- “…the place was solid and the food was pure”
(Schlosser 18).
• 13 week study:
• Medical student consumed nothing but White Castle burgers and water.
• When he lived and was still in pretty good health, people began to change their views on
Speedee Service
• Richard and Maurice (Mac) McDonald
• 1930s, New Hampshire
• Southern California was changing
People could afford cars
Roads being built
Farmland turning into cities
1920-1940 population tripled
1940 approximately one million cars in Los Angeles which was more than
anywhere else.
• “Restaurant owners often painted the drive-ins in loud colors and
covered them in flashy neon lights, hoping to catch the eye of people
driving past at high speed. The owners hired pretty girls to work as
waitresses and came up with all sorts of memorable uniforms for
them” (20).
Car Hops
• “The more food and drinks a customer ordered, the more money the
carhop earned. As a result, carhops tended to be very nice to their
customers and encouraged them to eat and drink a lot” (21)
McDonald Brothers
• 1937- Pasadena, California- McDonald brothers opened their own
• 3 carhops
• Sold hotdogs
• San Bernardino- McDonalds Brothers Burger Bar Drive- In:
• 20 carhops
• Next to high school
• Became rich quickly
McDonald Brothers Continued…
• 1940:
• Tired of replacing cooks and carhops and catering to teenagers.
• Closed shop in 1948 and reopened 3 months later with a “radical new system
for preparing food” (23).
• Only sold food that could be served on paper products and held in hand while driving a
• No longer had one skilled cook but a few who could prepare the same thing over and
• “Imaging- no carhops-no waitresses-no dishwashers-no bus boy- the McDonald System is
self-service!” (24).
Group Thoughts:
• Working with your group, come up with a list of pros and cons for the
McDonald brother’s Speedee Service System.
Orphans, Dropouts, and Self-Made Men
Carl Karcher
Keith G. Cramer
Glen W. Bell Jr.
William Rosenberg
Dave Thomas
Thomas S. Monaghan
Harland Sanders
• “all self-made men who worked hard and took risks in pursuit of dreams”
Carl Karcher
• Drove to McDonald’s from Anaheim (today, a 56 minute drive) to eat
• After seeing long line was inspired to open his own self-service
• Opened Carl’s Jr.
Keith G. Cramer
• Owner of Keith’s Drive-In Restaurant in Daytona Beach, Florida
• Heard about McDonald’s brothers and flew in to California
• Returned home and opened Insta-Burger King with father-in-law
Glen W. Bell Jr.
• Fought in World War II and then returned to California
• Copied the McDonald brother’s kitchen assembly line
William Rosenberg
• Dropped out at age 14
• Delivered telegrams, sold sandwiches and coffee, sold ice-cream and
was a door-to-door salesman.
Dave Thomas
• Worked in a restaurant at age 12
• Left adoptive father and took a room at the YMCA
• At age 15, dropped out of school
• Worked as a bus boy and cook
Thomas S. Monaghan
• Most of childhood was in Catholic orphanage and foster homes
• Barely graduated high school
• Joined the Marines
• Bought pizza shop with his brother- Domino’s
Harland Sanders
• Left school at age 12
• Work:
mule tender
railway fireman
sold insurance door-to-door
worked as a lawyer without a law degree
delivered babies without a medical degree
operated a gas station
Sanders continued…
• While working in the gas station he:
• Sold home cooked food at a small dining room table at the back of the gas
• He later opened a popular restaurant and hotel but sold both to pay
off debts.
• At age 65 became a door-to-door salesman again
• Selling “secret recipe” for fried chicken
• 1956 Salt Lake City, Utah- first Kentucky Fried Chicken opened
• Dressed as a colonel to gain attention- became famous brand
Review Time!
• First group to submit all answers (that are all correct) will receive
extra credit on the final quiz!
• If you use your notes you get a ZERO!
Dog Eat Dog
• “If you believe in it, and you believe in it hard, it’s impossible to fail. I
don’t care what it is- you can get it” -Ray Kroc (30).
• Started franchising within the fast food company McDonalds
• Ends up buying the McDonald brother’s out of their shares in the company for
about $1 million each.
• Today, McDonald’s is worth $180 million a year!
More and More of the Same
• Sameness takes over not only fast food industry, but all companies.
• The idea that in every establishment the costumer can assume they
will have the same experience becomes priceless to owners.
• Donald and Doris Fisher open Gap based off of Kroc’s franchise model.
• 30 years later, 1,700 Gap, Gapkids, and BabyGap’s are open in the U.S.
• Remember back to the poll we took earlier?
• While burgers may have come in 19th place in 1925, today 13 billion burgers
are eaten every year by Americans.
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