Fast Food Nation Epilogue: Have It Your Way


By: Logan Robinson

Dale Lasaster has a ranch of bulls in

Matheson Colorado

He does not do anything at all to them other than give them food. He lets them roam the ranch eating grass and Lasater does not hormones, steriods, or anti-biotics.

Thinks that nature is healthier than trying to do things for the cattle

Set up Lasater Grasslands Beef company to sell organic, free range, grass-fed cattle

Family restaurant ran by Rich Conway in

Colorado Springs

Operates on an old fashioned style

They make everything such as the meat and all food is fresh

Cost a little more but gets more business than the half empty Wendy’s across the street

The Conway family wants to expand the resturaunts

1948 the McDonald brothers introduced the

Speedee Service System

Harry and Ester Synder opened up their first

In-N-Out Burger Restaurant between L.A. and

Palm Springs

Nations first drive through hamburger stand

Workers made high wages (manager-$80,000 a year)

Low prices of fast food do not reflect the real cost it has on society

Annual cost of obesity is now twice as large as the total revenues for fast food industries

There needs to be a campaign to make the chains to minimize their harmful effects

Fast food chains should not direct advertisements towards little kids

USDA is supposed to promote US agriculture and police it

FDA is also a food safety agency

OSHA makes rules for the work place and can fine or shut down companies for not following the rules

These organizations all protect consumers a and the workers

Labor unions can cause inefficiencies when they have to much power, but without the labor unions corporations can violate labor laws with impunity

Illegal immigrants are protected by labor unions. They keep the immigrants from getting singled out as being week because they don’t have many legal rights.

Large agribusiness firms strife criticism of their policy

Passed in 13 states

The laws make it illegal to criticize agriculture commodities in a manner inconsistent with

“reasonable” scientific evidence

This could cause people to go to jail for criticizing things such as ground beef

Fast Food corporations could help change work safety for employees of their suppliers

They could also demand higher wages for workers of their suppliers

Helping out the supplier’s workers would not make hardly and difference to the major food chains such as McDonald’s

Helping wouldn’t raise menu prices much if anything at all

They aren’t bad people, they are business men

Consumers can get healthier food if they stop buying the unhealthy food

The executives will do whatever it takes to make money

A refusal to buy fast food is heard over words talking about how bad it is

You can make your own decisions on what to eat