Ray Kroc entrepreneur of McDonalds

Ray Kroc entrepreneur of
By: Harrison Kim
Information on Ray Kroc
Name: Ray Kroc
Hometown: Oak park, Chicago, Illinois
Age when business started: around 52 years
Status: Dead
Cause of Death: Heart failure
Convinced that he could sell numerous mixers to every new
restaurant that opened, he partnered with the McDonald
brothers to open and franchise additional McDonald's
restaurants. Kroc eventually became frustrated with the
brothers' willingness to accept their chain having only a
handful of restaurants. In 1961, he bought the company from
the brothers. The agreement was for the McDonald's to
receive $2.7 million for the chain and to continue to receive
an overriding royalty of 1.9% on the gross sales.
Information on Company
Name of Company: McDonalds
Size of Company: World Wide
Status: Public (able to buy shares)
Existing or Improvement: Improvement
McDonald's Corporation is one of the world's
largest chain of hamburger fast food
restaurants, serving nearly 47 million customers
daily. At one time it was the largest global
restaurant chain, but it has since been
surpassed by multi-brand operator Yum! Brands
KFC, Taco Bell and others and sandwich chain
Reasons Why Him/the company
did well
They have a good marketing department.
When it comes to fast food McDonalds
tends to be the cheapest.
As it is a fast food restaurant it provides fast
food for busy people.
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Mr. Schiff
My brain
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