File agendas for wednesday 1-28-15

Agendas for Wednesday 1-28-15
Semester II Week 4
Freshmen 1-28-15
Warm-up: Read and annotate 1950s article or read the book-burning
article and annotate it or read the novel or study for vocabulary
Discuss responses to yesterday’s questions (brief class share-out)
Student-led discussion: book-burning article
Discuss dystopia
Partner work…identify elements of dystopia that you recognized from
the novel (if time)
HW: Finish ERWC Spy Essay
DUE: TOMORROW by 11 p.m. to
HW: Study for vocabulary test (13, 14, 15)
TEST: Friday 1-30
HW: OR book selection
DUE: Friday 1-30
HW: Read F451 pages 3-24
DUE: Friday 1-30
information, especially of a biased or misleading
nature, used to promote or publicize a particular
political cause or point of view.
Juniors 1-28-15
Warm-up: vocabulary
Discuss and analyze food advertisements
Begin third ERWC article
Finish response to TED Talks questions
HW: novel choice DUE: Friday 1-30
HW: ERWC…P2 and P4 = TOMORROW I will check
Activities 20 and 21—the “Know, Heard, Don’t Know”
boxes (you DO NOT have to have the definition boxes
filled in unless you know the word and can write it in your
own words); P5 and P6 = TOMORROW; P5 and P6
Viewing TV Commercials
1. Jot down anything and everything you notice
about the ads individually or as a group.
2. Is it morally right to advertise to kids like
companies do and should they spend so much
money on it?
“If You Pitch It, They Will Eat” by
David Barboza
1. The McDonald’s Corporation wants to be everywhere that children are.
2. So besides operating 13,602 restaurants in the United States, it has
plastered its golden arches on Barbie dolls, video games, book jackets, and
even theme parks.
3. McDonald’s calls this promotion and brand extension. But, a growing
number of nutritionists call it a blitzkrieg that perverts children’s eating habits
and sets them on a path to obesity.
4. Marketing fast food, snacks, and beverages to children is at least as old as
Ronald McDonald himself. What’s new, critics say, is the scope and intensity
of the assault. Big food makers like McDonald’s and Kraft Foods Inc. are
finding every imaginable way to put their names in front of children. And
they’re spending more than ever—$15 billion last year, compared with $12.5
billion in 1998, according to research conducted at Texas A&M University in
College Station.