Congress of Vienna

Congress of Vienna
Chapter 7-5
Goals and Objectives:
• Upon completion students should:
1. Explain the purpose of the Congress of Vienna
2. Identify key persons involved in the Congress of
3. Summarize the goals of the Congress of Vienna
4. Describe the accomplishments of the Congress of
Europe moves on after Napoleon
• After exiling Napoleon, European leaders at
the Congress of Vienna tried to restore order
and reestablish peace
• They sought to prevent further revolution
against monarchies
Meeting of Nations
• Congress of Vienna – series of meeting that
reshape Europe
• Klemens von Metternich – foreign minister of
Austria, the most influential person at the
• Balance of Power – a chief Metternich goal,
with no one country a threat.
• A balance of power would ensure that no one
nation could dominate Europe.
Containment of France
• The Kingdom of the Netherlands
was formed
• Switzerland was made independent
Austria and Italy
• Austria dominated the new German
Confederation of 39 German states
• The Kingdom of Sardinia was strengthened
after it added Genoa
France survives restructuring
• French power was dramatically
weakened but it was left intact in
order to maintain a balance of
• Legitimacy – monarchs deposed by
Napoleon are returned to thrones
• Leaders hoped a new changes would
restore order through Europe and
prevent revolution
The outcome of the Congress of
• Congress of Vienna succeeded in uniting European
• Deals are worked out so more war does not break
out, pledges are made to protect fellow monarchies
from revolt.
• European nations agree to preserve peace and a
peaceful time of 40 years follows
Conservative Europe
• Holy Alliance – Russia, Prussia, Austria
pledge to fight revolution
• Concert of Europe – European nations
pledge to to help fight revolutions
• Conservative governments ruled
across Europe, but new ideas had
impact (nationalism-democracy)
Latin American Revolutions
• Napoleon’s replacing of Spanish
King sets off rebellions in Spanish
America (Saint Domingue)
• Many former Colonies of Spain and
Portugal gained independence
(Latin America and South America)
Legacy of the Congress
• Britain, Prussia gained power.
• Nationalism spread and led to
• Democracy grew