chapter 7 section 5 - the congress of vienna

The Congress of Vienna
Chapter 7
Section 5
Main Ideas
After exiling Napoleon,
European leaders at the
Congress of Vienna tried to
restore order and
reestablish peace.
International bodies such
as the United Nations
play an active role in trying
to maintain world peace
and stability today.
After Napoleon’s defeat, European leaders wanted
peace and stability.
The Congress of Vienna was called to set up
policies to achieve the goal of collective security and
stability for the entire continent.
Most decisions made during these meetings were
among the representatives of the five great
powers: Russia, Prussia, Austria, Great Britain and
Prince Klemens von Metternich
The most influential person
at the CoV.
He distrusted the democratic
ideas of the French Rev.
Three main goals of the CoV:
 strengthen countries
surrounding France to
prevent future French
 create a balance of power
in Europe
 restore Europe’s royal
families to their thrones
Strengthening Germany
Political Changes Beyond Vienna
Britain and France had
Eastern and Central
Europe were more
Russia, Prussia and Austria
had absolute monarchies.
Conservative Europe
Rulers were worried that
the French Rev. might
lead to other
Metternich devised a
series of alliances known
as the Concert of
Europe that ensured
nations would help one
another if any revolutions
broke out.
Long-Term Legacy
Results of Congress of Vienna:
France’s power and size were
Britain and Prussia’s power increased.
Nationalistic feelings grew in
countries placed under foreign rule.
Results of French Revolution:
People began to see democracy as
the best way to ensure equality and
justice for all.
Changed the social attitudes and
assumptions that had dominated
Europe for centuries.