WH2.8 Congress of Vienna

 Vienna, Austria
 Congress of Vienna wants to go BACK to
before 1789.
 What happened in 1789??
 Balance of Power
 No country in Europe too powerful
 A new map of Europe drawn
 France weaker
 Congress of Vienna (1815)
 Peace conference after Napoleon
 Metternich = leader
 Kings restored to power
 Balance of Power doctrine
 Restoration of monarchies
 New political map of Europe
 New political philosophies
 Liberalism
 Conservatism
 New political philosophies
 Liberalism – political view that favors change
 Conservatism – political view that favors
tradition, gradual change, respect for authority
Which view was the dominant one at the
Congress of Vienna???
The Congress of Vienna attempted to
restore Europe as it had been before
the French Revolution and
Napoleonic conquests.
How would people who agree with
Locke feel about Metternich’s ideas?