Human resources department- Proposed Structure chart

HR Resourcing & Planning Team
v 30 Jan 13
(effective 30 Jan 2013)
Corporate Resourcing & Planning Manager - Heeren Parbhoo (x 3831)
HR Resourcing & Planning Analyst
Eilish O’Loughlin
HR Advisor - R & P
Stella Akiboye
(x 3882)
HR Advisor - R & P
Onyemaechi Adebayo
lead on :- Midland Trent system development & management; MI
provision; Internal & external reporting; HESA data capture & reporting; Trent
interface to ISD / other UoB system interfaces; Planning Analysis
HR Advisor - R & P
Deljit Nahr (Maternity Cover)
(x 3520)
HR Advisor - R & P
Sian Hussain
(x 3818)
Faculty / Department
- Business School
- Putteridge Bury
- Marketing Admissions
Recruitment & Communications
- Human Resources
- International Office
- Partnerships Office
- Research & Enterprise
(Knowledge Hub)
- Vice Chancellorate
Recruitment Assistant
Harriet Masterson
(x 9167)
Faculty / Department
Faculty / Department
Faculty / Department
- Creative Arts, Technologies &
- Teaching & Learning
- Learning Resources
- Education and Sports
- Facilities & Estates
- Finance
- Information Services
- University College Milton Keynes
- Health & Social Sciences
- Registry
Recruitment Assistant
Manisha Purba
(x 3390)
Recruitment Assistant
Saba Shafqat
(x 9165)
Recruitment Assistant
Joyce Furnell
(x 9645)
Responsible for support and delivery of :Staff Recruitment
o end-to-end recruitment - this includes advice and support for :- post / vacancy identification, new job evaluations, VCMG Approvals, recruitment activity (including short-listing, interview panel and outcome
notification paperwork), contracts of employment, references, staff CRB checks and qualifications verification; terms & conditions of employment and probation; administering reward and progression activities (e.g.
AIP/CRP; PL Round; L to SL progression); and Visiting Staff recruitment (i.e. temporary Academic & Support staff);
o specified / senior management recruitment which may include liaising with recruitment search consultants;
o retention activities and changes / revisions to terms and conditions of employment (e.g. Childcare Vouchers; Flexible Working requests; Probation; Long Service Awards; ending of Fixed Term Contracts; etc).
Management Information
o overseeing management of the Management Information system (Midland Trent), staff HESA data, staff MI reports and provision of related HR data reports;
o enhancing employee data, including promoting employee / manager utilisation of Trent Manager and Employee Self Service.
HR Planning
o implementation of Corporate HR resourcing and planning projects;
o recruitment cycle management and related planning activities.
For dealing with Visiting
contracts and
Employment Opportunity
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