South Region FFA Recruitment Class

Recruitment: Building Opportunities
Recruitment Goals
• Importance of Membership
• Factors Affecting Recruitment
• The Basic Ingredients
– Identify Target Audiences
– Develop Marketing Plan
• Removing Roadblocks
• Collecting Dues
• Fundraising Ideas
• Summary
Importance of Membership
• Need new recruits to replace those who graduate or move on.
• Recruitment efforts can expand student learning, involve the
community and build your program's size, prestige and support.
• The more students, the wider and more influential your results.
• Linked to Extended Day / Year Standards
– Chapter will have a minimum of 80% FFA membership.
– Extended Day / Yr salary was created to work with FFA
members after school and during Summer.
– Submit enrollment count (Membership based on Unduplicated)
– Submit roster by October 15th
Strive for 100%
The Basic Ingredients
• Establish Expectations
– How many members do you need to reach 80%?
– How many members do you need to reach 100%?
– Who will do what? How and When will they accomplish it?
• (Officer / Alumni / Teacher)
– Establish S.M.A.R.T. Goals
• Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely
• Effective Recruitment Strategies and Activities used by Ag
Teachers (By Rank)
– Feeder School Contact
– Agricultural Teacher / Student Interaction
– FFA Chapter Events
– Publications
– Curriculum
– Parents/Teachers/Support Groups
– Recruitment Events
Myers, B., Dyer, J., & Breja, L. (2003) Recruitment Strategies and Activities Used by Agriculture Teachers.
Journal of Agricultural Education. Vol 44. p94-105.
Identify Target Audience
• To be successful in meeting your recruitment goals, you will need
to identify a much larger group of prospects than the actual goal
you have set.
• Start Recruiting Early
• Focus on “Next Generation”
– Students who are first eligible to take your courses this year
– Students with “extra” elective hours
– 4-H members, CTSO members, Sports
– Students working at agriculture-related businesses
– Students working in agriculture-related jobs for nonagricultural
– Science fair entrants
Develop A Marketing Plan
• Develop a Theme
– “Awaken the Echoes”
• Media Coverage
– Inform public, teachers, guidance counselor, administrators
– Develop newsletters, recruitment videos, webpage, etc.
• Youtube
• Pope High Website
Develop A Marketing Plan
• Showcase Diversity
– Field Trips, Livestock, Curriculum, SAE, CDE, etc.
– Plan Activities and programs that offer variety
– Organize social events
– Have a presence at school activities
• Brainstorm
– Develop Recruitment Activities to Gain Student Interest
Recipe for Success
• Planning a Recruitment Activity
– Identify your audience.
– Reflect on your program.
• List the benefits of your program and see how they relate to
the target audience.
– Balance the educational aspect with fun activities.
• Include audience participation as much as possible to retain
interest and excitement.
– Involve current students and FFA chapter officers to
promote your program.
• The audience will be more receptive if the activity includes
someone their own age.
– Provide each participant with a brochure, handout or
flyer with additional information.
Recruitment Ideas
Ice Cream Social
Sale Beef Sticks
Peanut Boil
Sale Fruit
FFA Idol (Talent)
Give T-Shirts
Wild Game Supper
Trip to Fair
Ag Olympics
Kiss A Pig
Farm Safety Camp (young)
Sign Up 5 Friends / Get 1
Pizza Party
Challenge Class to 100%
– Reward with meal
Membership Free
Attend other school events
Removing Roadblocks
• Common Obstacles
– Course scheduling conflicts
– Block scheduling
– Conflicting graduation requirements
– Lack of diversity in your program
– Lack of awareness about your program
– Perception of your courses
– Perception of careers in agriculture
– A mismatch between the program and student and community
Collecting Dues
• Keep adequate and accurate records
– Produce Receipts
– Treasurer Spreadsheet (Excel)
– Let Chapter Secretary maintain Spreadsheet
• Develop Membership Form
• What are some ideas to help build Chapter Funds?
– Group Discussion
Fundraising Ideas
Raffle (Deer Stand, Mower, etc)
Booth at Local Fair
Fruit Sales
FFA Foundation Projects
Plant Sales
Boston Butt Sales
Chicken Sales
Sponsorship (Jacket, Trip, Dues)
Country Meats
Sale Snacks During School
In Summary
• What have we learned?
• Questions
– General?
– Class Improvements?