The Team Approach - Joslin Diabetes Center

The Team
 Low
Employee Morale
 Operational Processes
 Leadership Turnover
Plan, Do, Check & Act
•Plan: Establish Key Result Areas and Team Structure
Observe and get to know each provider and employee to
learn the practice flow through job functions.
Identify each employees strengths for future team
Strategically establish teams and meet with each team to
create a plan for goal success.
•Check: Pulse check- each team meets monthly to review and
evaluate the processes for continued improvement. We
create a report to share with the Center at our monthly
staff meeting.
Teams decide on changes needed to improve the process
and apply actions.
Key Result Areas
The Key Result Area goals were
established in January of 2011 with five
areas being designated for
improvement. Employees were selected
to participate on different teams
according to their particular areas of
expertise and influence. Ideas for
implementation were developed in
January and monthly meetings are held
to track and improve outcomes through
tweaking the plans and tracking
mechanisms. The team areas are
divided into People, Finance, Growth,
Go Green and Service. Breakdown of
the team efforts for 2011 are as follows:
• People
• Finance
• Growth
• Go Green
• Service
Measure employee
engagement index
score from 2010
Employee Opinion
Survey for SV
People Team Strategy
Reviewed Employee Opinion Survey from
Created interactive employee events for
2011. Examples: Baby photo contest,
Theme lunches, Cookie decorating contest,
Fall picnic, Hat day and Massages by Gloria.
Established communication mechanism for
employee ideas and feedback.
People Team Success
Improved employee morale
Cohesive team spirit
Happier employees = Happier patients
Achieve Margin on
Direct Expense as
compared to budget
for areas of
Finance Team Strategy
Educate each team member on
Joslin/Hospital finance reporting system.
Review monthly finance reports for process
improvement. Examples: Moved patient
forms to the Web site, crossed trained
employees in charge entry, created online
patient satisfaction survey, increased
utilization of volunteers, maximizing
Finance Team Success
Increase in patient visits
Increase in revenue
Expenses under budget
Staffing under budget
Implement EHR for center
Reduce current No Show percentage
Growth Team Strategies-No Show
Reduce current no show percentage.
Created patient policy agreement to educate
patients on Center expectations.
Established Volunteer reminder call program.
Phone number verification for accuracy.
Providers reemphasize the importance of
patients keeping scheduled appointments.
No Show Success
The goal for no shows is less than 15% over
the next six months.
Growth Team Strategies-EHR
Planning & Education
The Art of Being a Super User
Site visit to Joslin Center OSF (Bloomington)
Epic implementation-October 10
Go Green
Go Green Team-monitor
electric/paper usage
• Implement monthly Patient
Satisfaction Survey.
• Improve Patient Satisfaction
likelihood to recommend
Patient Satisfaction Survey Results
Center Success
•Improved Employee Morale
•Employee Buy In
•Improved Patient Satisfaction
•Increased Revenue
•Decreased No Shows
•Improved Provider Satisfaction
Employee Testimonial
“I just want to thank you for making me feel included
in the “Joslin Plan”. I am looking at things from a
new fresh perspective and that has been driven by
you. I apologize if I seem cemented in the negativity
of the past as that is NOT my mindset. I do believe
we can develop a very successful center working
together as a cohesive team. (and we do have great
team members!) I appreciate your being here and
you can count on me to assist in any way possible to
promote our future success.” Jan Reibert, RN, CDE
Thank you to the Joslin Corporate Team for
their continued support in our Center’s
Melody Johnson
Joslin Diabetes Center Administrator
Affiliate at Southview
“Expect Success”